Re-recording Voice Emails

When we designed the GrandPad, we knew that the most important aspect of our tablet for seniors was the ease of the interface and the overall user experience. We know that life never stops, and that little mistakes and hiccups are always bound to happen. With that in mind, we optimized our Email app to be as simple as possible.

Your GrandPad allows you to record voice messages that you can send to your loved ones via email. Occasionally, you may fumble a word or realize you left out an important piece of information when recording a voice message on the Email app. If you ever forget what you wanted to say or want to record your message again, don’t fret! Re-recording voice emails only requires a few extra clicks of a button.

To re-record voice emails, open the Email app as usual to send a message:

  1. From the home screen, click on the Email app
  2. Click “Compose New Email.”
  3. Scroll or tap the right and left arrows to select the contact to which you want to send the email. Click their name or picture.
  4. Wait for the voice-recording countdown. When prompted, begin speaking.
  5. During your email recording, click “Cancel Voice Email” at any point if you are unsatisfied with your message. Click “Yes” to confirm you want to cancel the message.
  6. To start the recording process over, just click “Compose New Email.” again

The GrandPad is a state-of-the-art tablet designed specifically for seniors that brings your family together, overcoming the obstacles that modern technology can often present. Order your GrandPad today for convenient Email functionality and several other helpful and entertaining apps and services!