Saving & Restarting Game Progress

The GrandPad contains a wide array of fun games for seniors to enjoy, including Sudoku, Solitaire, and Crossword. Some of these games can last a long time, so GrandPad is designed to automatically save progress for those longer running games. The current round of the game will be stored just by leaving the game. Coming back to the game will open the game right back where it was.

Sometimes, if its been a long time since playing, it might just be easier to start the game over. To clear the saved game and restart the round, simply do the following:

  1. Select the Games app from the home screen
  2. Choose a game like Solitaire, Crossword, Wordsearch, or Blackjack from the Games list.
  3. Once your current round loads, click “Start Over” in the bottom-right corner. This will clear the game space and start a game from scratch.

Beginning a new round may be preferred if a current round is causing too much trouble, or if you simply don’t remember the last round you were playing. Games started weeks ago can cause more headache and confusion than they’re worth. In any case, restarting the game will allow you to play from the beginning without hassle.

The GrandPad contains tons of exciting and fun games designed with seniors in mind. With constant exciting updates, the GrandPad is the best tablet for buyers looking for personalized service and effective tablet design for seniors. Order a GrandPad today for all of the apps and functions seniors need to stay connected to their family and stay entertained all day long.