Commenting on Photos

Anyone connected to GrandPad can add comments to any family photos or videos! Adding, viewing, and responding to comments is available through the GrandPad companion app as well as the GrandPad senior tablet.

In order to leave a comment from the GrandPad tablet, follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, open the Photos app.
  2. Scroll left and right through your family photos. You can always tap 'Read Description' to learn more about a photo and see other comments.
  3. When you find a photo you want to comment on, just click 'Leave Comment' at the top-right corner of the photo.
  4. Your tablet will give you a 3 second countdown to get ready. When the countdown ends, just speak at your GrandPad and it will automatically capture your comment.
  5. After recording your comment, just tap 'Send' to share your comment with the entire family. If you want to start recording again, just tap 'Cancel Voice Comment'

All family members connected to GrandPad will be able to listen to the voice comment using the companion app. They can even choose to continue the conversation and even add their own comments.

Buy a GrandPad today for a simple and hassle-free tablet that allows you to instantly share photos with the entire family in a matter of clicks!