Features of the GrandPad Tablet
GrandPad Companion App

Responding to Missed Video Chats

When reaching out to loved ones on the GrandPad, sometimes they’ll be busy or unable to take your call. In the event that your family member or friend can’t make it to the phone, you’ll have the option to send one of three pre - written text messages. These help convey how urgent your call is and when you needed to speak.

To send call reminders when loved ones don’t answer, do the following:

  1. Click the Call app from the home screen
  2. Scroll or tap on the right and left arrows to find the person with whom you want to video chat. Click on their name or picture.
  3. When the menu appears, click “Video Call” to begin a video chat. You can also select “Phone Call” to begin an audio-only call to a normal phone number.
  4. If your call is not answered within a few minutes, you can click “End Call” A menu prompt will appear to confirm you want to end the call.
  5. After ending the call, the GrandPad will ask if you wish to send a follow up, with several options such as:
  6. Please call me right away
  7. Call me when you get time
  8. Just wanted to say hi
  9. If you choose one of these options, GrandPad will send your response via text message or email. This way they’ll know to call back once they’re free.

Order a GrandPad and experience unrivaled video chatting and other features that keep seniors connected to their friends and family in just a few clicks. The GrandPad makes communication and entertainment easier than ever before, with an interface designed specifically for seniors.