Stories from our Community

GrandPad is the safest way to connect seniors with their loved ones because each membership comes with a secure, encrypted, private family network. Hear what our community has to say about their experiences with our products and services.

Hear from four individuals and their experiences with GrandPad.

SARAH wanted a way to keep in touch with her parents. She loves that GrandPad is simple—you just open the package, put it in the cradle, and you’re ready to go. Her family is connecting more than ever. Not having to worry about broadband is a plus.

JACK’s mother is 87 and has never learned how to use a computer. So, he Googled “tablet for old people” and found GrandPad. It has given his mom connectivity with the grandchildren that she never dreamed was possible. She loves playing games and listening to music. GrandPad checks all of the boxes.

JENNY wants to stay connected to her mom, who lives in a different country. But her mom doesn’t want anything to do with the internet. GrandPad is so easy that her mom set it up straight out of the box. Within five minutes, they were speaking face to face. Now her mom can see family all the time, and she thinks it's brilliant.

FRED searched around to find something really simple for his 90-year-old mother. GrandPad fit the bill. She enjoys the little tutorials that say “press this button," and then she chooses from 2-3 simple menus. It's effortless. His family posts photos with notes for his mom, and she loves responding to them.