Chief Gerontologist Dr. Kerry Burnight Discusses Loneliness on The Doctors


The GrandPad team works tirelessly to make our technology accessible to seniors. The GrandPad’s intuitive design and the around-the-clock personalized support helps seniors stay connected with their inner circle without the headache of most modern technology. Senior loneliness is a serious issue that must be faced head-on by the senior care industry, and by utilizing technology like the GrandPad, seniors can take control of their social life and their happiness.

Recently, our Chief Gerontologist, Dr. Kerry Burnight, appeared on the medical talk show The Doctors to discuss senior loneliness. Dr. Burnight emphasized how widespread the problem of isolation truly is among seniors: 43% of seniors describe themselves as lonely, and this prolonged feeling of loneliness causes poor health and the increasing likelihood of dementia.

As the hosts of The Doctors admitted, most communication now is facilitated through technology. Younger generations stay in constant contact with their family, friends, and work colleagues through social media, smartphones, tablets, and their laptop computers. As technological communication becomes the norm, however, seniors are left out. The most popular brands of smartphones and tablets aren’t designed with seniors in mind.

GrandPad is a product that is leading the way in bridging the gap for seniors. One touch of a button can put you in touch with your family via video call, or can connect you to customer service to answer any questions you may have. One of the great benefits of the GrandPad is the lack of “plugging in” that needs to happen – seniors simply set the tablet into the charging cradle, which makes charging the device a smoother experience for seniors with Parkinson’s disease and similar conditions.

Dr. Burnight recommends that reaching out and setting up regular communication with the seniors in your life is an important step in combatting loneliness. Don’t settle for “call me sometime,” actually schedule a weekly video call. Send photos on a daily or weekly basis via the GrandPad so seniors can see the important events and fun outings in your life, even if you live across the country.

The Doctors is hosted by the top medical minds in their respected fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon. As the hosts discussed with Dr. Burnight, loneliness is a large problem. Luckily, GrandPad has built a solution that allows effortless communication like video calls and photo sharing that connects people of all generations.

Explore the many features of the GrandPad today. Sign up for a membership and treat the seniors you love with the gift of never missing another memory.