Senior Love Stories: June & Ruthy


Love can last an entire lifetime, but as our latest interviewee can attest, you never know what life has in store for you. Many seniors go through an entire marriage, and when they believe they’ve closed the door on love forever, a new connection blooms into a testament to the power of love and openness. In love, one thing is certain: you can always expect to be surprised.

In our latest installment of Senior Love Stories, we also take a look at another angle of love, one forged between friends by shared experiences. At GrandPad, we know that there are many kinds of live, whether it’s your spouse, friends or your children and grandchildren. See what love has in store for us this time.

Widowed at 72, June wasn’t expecting to ever feel the stirrings of love after a fulfilling and happy marriage. Her plans, as she recalls, were simple. She was “just going to travel, and do fun things with [her] friends.” However, fate had other plans in mind. A few months after June’s husband passed away, a mutual friend of theirs became a widower. He and his wife had regularly gone to events and fun outings with June and her husband. Now, this man also found himself relatively alone in the world.

Wanting to fully embrace every day, June enjoyed getting out of the house and going on adventures. After his wife passed away, June reconnected with this friend and they started going out on the town. As she remembers, at first it was dinner. Then, they were going to the theater. Then, they were goofing around at the local art museum. Much to her surprise, about a year after her husband passed away June found that she was, against all odds, falling in love again.

They were married a few years later, and shared “five wonderful years of marriage,” June fondly recollects. “Sadly, he had a very serious heart condition,” she admits, and even though he was very active all throughout their marriage her second husband passed away after five years.

If you imagine that this is the end of the story, you’re sorely mistaken. As June had promised herself after the passing of her first husband, she was still intent on exploring the world and spending every day with friends. This is where Ruthy enters the picture. Ruthy, going strong at 98, joined June on this rainy afternoon. June is adamant about how important it is to find friends “who are in the same boat,” and the clear bond between her and Ruthy proves the point in a touching manner.

Though June and Ruthy no longer have their husbands by their side, they, along with a few other friends, regularly plan excursions and make sure no one has to spend a lonely day who doesn’t want to.

Sometimes, friendship can be just as rewarding as a romantic relationship, if not more so. Ruthy’s memory seems to confirm this: when asked about her fondest memories of love surrounding Valentine’s Day, Ruthy responds, “The men that I have known were not overly expressive about Valentine’s Day. I can’t remember ever getting a Valentine that was super-duper.” And while stories of true love may not spring to her mind, she’s quick to point out how full her life is because she shares it with friends.

Love takes many shapes – a friendship, a marriage, even a second marriage when you think your life story is at its end. June shares, “it’s really not over ‘til it’s over. You have to live every day to the fullest.” At GrandPad, we empower seniors to overcome communication obstacles to connect with those people who make their life story incredible. With the GrandPad, your children, your spouse, and your best friend are all just a touch of the screen away.

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