GrandPad and Medioh announce innovative partnership

Medioh champions its role as a leading provider of digital health services and operational support. We provide digital health solutions that empower health organizations to deploy telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions at a transformative scale.

Medioh’s services bridge the critical service scalability gap for healthcare institutions adopting new models of care.

GrandPad is the preferred tablet for patients without internet access or previous tech experience to stay connected with caregivers, family, and friends. As the telehealth market expands, GrandPad leads the way with high engagement, improved clinical workflows, and outcomes.

Medioh will deploy GrandPad tablets and provide operational support for patients who will benefit from innovative models of virtual care in the comfort of their homes. Medioh’s proven logistics and support service offerings and core mission are a natural fit with GrandPad’s dedication to elevating the healthcare experience for patients, families, and providers.

Learn more about GrandPad and visit Medioh Telehealth Solutions to discover how Medioh’s state-of-the-art care models achieve transformative scale.