Father’s Day: Benno & Lori

\With Father’s Day right around the corner, our users are constantly reminded of the unbreakable bonds and lasting memories that shaped them into the person they are today. GrandPad makes it easier than ever for fathers and grandfathers to stay connected and continue making memories with the family they love.


As part of another installment in our Father’s Day series, we interviewed a loyal user, Benno, and his daughter, Lori, about their relationship with their father and what they cherish most. Read on for their heartwarming tale made possible with GrandPad.

Benno fondly recalls his childhood as one of adventure. Born and raised in a farm near Asheville, Benno learned early on how valuable a hard day’s work truly is. When he came of age he moved away and started his own investment company, straying away from family tradition to make a name for himself.

Benno raised four children, with his two sons following in his footsteps to take over the family business. Benno jests that his children all “grew up to be like me,” and laughs heartily. When asked what the hardest aspect is about being a father, Benno takes his time before replying that he felt responsible to put his children “on the right track.”

By allowing them to grow up on their own terms while keeping the bigger picture in their minds, Benno feels he was able to raise them to love life and embrace every opportunity. And now he’s not only a father, but also a grandfather AND a great-grandfather. He has a full family, but he does his best to “keep them all in line,” he jokes.

Benno believes the focus when raising a family should always be on loving your children and accepting them for who they are. “The family that loves together, stays together,” he comments with a sincerity of a life card bg-faded card-block lived. This sentiment resonates with his daughter, Lori, who comments that her father’s happy-go-lucky attitude and penchant for humor make him an especially great dad and role model.

Recently, Lori and the rest of Benno’s family surprised him with a wondrous celebration to commemorate his 80th birthday. Benno currently resides in a senior living complex, and watched in awe as a limousine packed with his grandkids rolled up to the front door. He rode in style to his 80th birthday party boogying to his favorite polka music with his grandchildren.

This carefree, fun-filled limo ride typifies the fathering style Lori vividly remembers. “My father has taught me not to sweat the small stuff,” she beams. “Don’t get worked up about the ‘curve balls’ that life throws at you. Everything will work out.” Lori has passed this simple but wise advice on to her children, so they don’t dwell on the past and get up every morning with an excitement for the future.

Lori comments that her father always took care of her growing up, and his unbridled passion for her happiness drew her close to him during her formative years. Now that he’s older, Lori says that it’s now her “turn to be there for him.” With a relationship as strong as theirs, every moment they spend together has the opportunity to become a cherished memory.

At GrandPad, we know that many seniors lack the tools to create and share new memories or to simply connect with their family far away. This Father’s Day, consider giving the gift of family – a tablet designed for seniors that allows Dad to be just a click away.