Mother’s Day Series: Carol Lienhard

The connections we maintain over our life define who we are, and who we become. If we’re lucky, our bond with our mother becomes one of the defining relationships that shapes our being and helps us make our mark on the world. Mothers are there when you succeed and when you overcome obstacles, but they’re also by your side when you fail and when you need someone to lean on.

Every Mother’s Day we take time to connect with our loyal users and to shine a spotlight on some truly spectacular mothers. Our senior users have lived extraordinary lives, and have worked tirelessly to raise families and make their own mark on the children and grandchildren they cherish. At GrandPad, we know that our mothers too often don’t get the praise and recognition they deserve, but that all changes on Mother’s Day when we honor the quiet triumphs and endless love of real mothers.

Carol Lienhard is, as you may assume, a devoted and caring mother who fondly remembers every aspect of motherhood. For Carol, motherhood is a tapestry of devotion and simple love, one of patience and honesty and kindness. According to Carol, “a child is a gift from God given to parents to love and nurture.”

Carol believes that right and wrong are taught through principles anyone can understand: those of compassion and respect. In Carol’s opinion, if you can teach your kids how to respect themselves and respect others you’re succeeding as a mother. How, exactly, should a mom teach their children to respect others? By showing them how to be thankful, Carol ardently states.

As Carol explains, holding each of her children in her arms for the first time was her favorite memory of motherhood, in large part because of the sheer volume of thankfulness she held in her heart as she looked at their sweet, newborn faces. “Being thankful that all is well” is important, she states, to being the calm and patient mother that your children will need.

Unlike many of our interviewees, Carol actually offers an answer when we ask if there are particular Mother’s Day gifts she enjoyed. “Getting cards that were handmade from my girls,” she replies immediately. She has kept her handmade cards over the years, tracking her children’s growth in the form of their cards and messages.

However, Carol gives a more expected answer when we ask what her favorite gift was. She grins, and says, “All gifts were ‘favorites.’ My favorites were when my family was all together!” She values every one of her kids, and simply enjoys having everyone under one roof to share a meal, swap stories, and make more memories.

Carol intuitively seems to know what kids need, and shares some expert advice that young mothers should heed. “Make sure your children know every day that they are loved. Be patient, and listen!” Carol continues, sharing that “things that seem trivial to you may be very important to them.” Carol says that, when kids are feeling vulnerable and confused, you have to listen and respond with compassion. You can never know how much a seemingly unimportant conversation can shape a young child’s understanding of the world. 

“Hopefully they will feel free to come to you any time in life and know that you will be there for them,” she adds, finishing her thought. Carol definitely mastered the art of motherhood – she has great relationships with each member of her huge family, including her three daughters, three son-in laws, eight grandsons, three grand daughter-in-laws, and ten great grandchildren.

With so many kids to keep track of, Carol considers her GrandPad a necessity. This Mother’s Day, give your mother the gift of connection. With a GrandPad she can video call and email you with ease, and see family photos in a couple of clicks. Keep your mother in the loop for Mother’s Day.