Keep Grandma and Grandpa Close with the GrandPad Tablet Designed for Seniors

Staying connected to loved ones this past year has been difficult, especially grandparents for whom technology continues to be a frustrating mystery. Anyone who has ever tried to see more than their grandpa’s forehead on a FaceTime can attest — video calls and Zooms are not old folks’ forte, and that’s okay. However, seniors have also been some of the most isolated this past year due to their increased chances for contracting severe cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. I know I haven’t gone anywhere near my grandparents this year, and that’s made me really sad. Thankfully, there’s now a tech solution to our woes — it’s called the GrandPad, it’s a tablet designed for seniors.

The GrandPad is designed with seniors in mind from top to bottom. The box it comes in is designed to be easy to open, and it’s ready to use as soon as you turn it on. The charging is wireless, and the menu items are enlarged on the screen and easy to read.

The only apps on the GrandPad are essential ones, to eliminate the clutter and make it easier for them to access what they care about — their loved ones. You can make video and audio calls easily on the GrandPad as well as browse the internet safely through managed sites. You can play music, games, look at photos and videos and even send hassle-free voice recorded emails to loved ones.

You can see weather forecasts, order a ride to go somewhere if need be, take photos or videos with the built-in camera and get connected with a specialist whenever you need help.

The GrandPad comes with a month-to-month membership model that’s all-encompassing, worry-free and not complicated to cancel. There is also an annual plan option. There’s no contract required to use the GrandPad and it has built-in wireless data so seniors are always connected to high-speed internet.

It’s a product designed for older folks, and at a time like this can supply life-saving connection to family and friends.

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