Mother’s Day Series: Nancy Mozingo

As another Mother’s Day rapidly approaches, families are scheming to surprise the woman who raised them with flowers, gifts, cards, and visits. Mother’s Day has quickly become one of the most popular holidays for dining out, but we at GrandPad know that “Mom” means so much more than lunch or a card in the mail.

 Moms come from all walks of life and raise their children in a never-ending variety of circumstances and situations, but the force that ties them all together is the love for their family. This Mother’s Day we’ve interviewed several GrandPad users who have fond memories of their own mothers, and in turn have raised their kids with the insight and compassion gained from that special woman who shaped their life. 

Without something in hand to capture these precious moments, memories can often fade. With a GrandPad, your mother can stay connected with you, your siblings, and your children without ever missing a memory. Nancy Mozingo, a fiercely devoted mother, knows firsthand that the everyday moments are what make the process of motherhood rewarding and unforgettable.

Nancy fondly recalls looking up to her mother from a young age. When asked to describe her mother, Nancy promptly replies, “she’s a peach!” Nancy’s mother taught her proper etiquette and how to “have manners” even under duress from the earliest years of Nancy’s childhood, molding her into the delightfully proper and refined woman she is today. “We were mother and daughter,” Nancy states, “but we were friends and have been all through life.”

The good manners and sense of discipline and virtue that Nancy’s mom instilled in her helped Nancy stay ahead of the learning curve when it came to being a mother. Nancy is quick to offer advice to young mothers: she quickly lists that mothers should teach their children to be compassionate, to behave, and to always be honest, to others and to themselves. But when considering the most important aspect of motherhood, Nancy replies with a simple but profound response: “be with your children when they are growing up. ”

Nancy certainly took her own advice. She loved being involved with her two sons’ activities and school projects, whether it was getting hands-on helping out with a science fair contraption or showing up to support her sons at various sporting events and practices. Her husband always joined Nancy, and that shared passion for their children brought Nancy and her husband even closer together. Nancy says that they “thoroughly enjoyed being there for our boys. Anything they were in, we were there.” She warns current young mothers to make time while the kids are young to go to events and help with activities: once they’re all grown up, you’ll miss it dearly.

Not surprisingly, Nancy doesn’t like to dwell on Mother’s Day or make a big deal out of being a mother. When you enjoy being with your children as much as Nancy does, celebrating yourself one day a year doesn’t compute. For Nancy, every day is Mother’s Day, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She claims she doesn’t have a particular favorite Mother’s Day memory. “I don’t have a favorite. They always remember me, and still do. The fact that they are always here for Mother’s Day is ‘gift’ enough!”

Mothers like Nancy are truly a gift, and they never ask for any thanks or gifts in return. Even if your mother doth protest, consider giving her the gift that she’ll always cherish: being able to reach the ones she loves most with the touch of a screen. The GrandPad is specifically designed for “super” seniors, featuring intuitive video calls, voice emails, photo sharing, and more. Make your Mother’s Day about more than the lunch: with GrandPad, every day can really be Mother’s Day.