GrandPad to exhibit purpose-built tablet and telehealth platform for people over the age of 75 at all-digital CES 2021

GrandPad’s safe, simple, and engaging platform is being used to connect more than 1 million seniors with friends, family, and caregivers; while enabling more effective telehealth for healthcare providers and companion care companies

Orange, CA (January 4, 2021) GrandPad announced today that it will exhibit during the all-digital CES 2021 on January 11-14, where it will showcase its purpose-built tablet for people over the age of 75 and corresponding telehealth platform for commercial use. GrandPad is being used to connect more than 1 million seniors in 110 countries with their families, friends, and caregivers. In addition, the GrandPad telehealth platform is being used by a growing array of healthcare companies that provide clinical care and companion care to seniors and other at-risk populations.


The GrandPad tablet was created by the father-son team of Scott and Isaac Lien in 2013 and has since seen rapid adoption among family caregivers, professional caregivers, home health and companion care companies, and clinical care providers because of its ability to break down all major technology barriers for seniors and individuals with physical or cognitive limitations.

"Mobile devices have been a lifesaver during COVID-19, but challenges like the limited availability and reliability of WiFi, buttons and screens that are difficult to see and manipulate, limited sound quality, and complex user interface design often prevent older adults from consistently using traditional technologies," said Scott Lien, co-founder and CEO of GrandPad. “With GrandPad, we’ve engineered out all these frustrations and backed it with a one-of-a-kind member experience that empowers older adults and gives family caregivers support and peace of mind.”

For commercial healthcare users, Lien added that the security and simplicity of GrandPad helps improve telehealth engagement because seniors are able to use the device and they enjoy the interaction more than with traditional telehealth interfaces.


Visit GrandPad in the CES Exhibitor Showcase or at to learn about partnership opportunities and top-rated features like:

  • Ready to use, right out of the box — no setup required
  • Enables pre-loaded “trusted circle” of contacts for the senior
  • Built-in LTE (no home WiFi needed)
  • 24x7 always-on, live, personal tech support
  • Closed network for greater security (no one outside the “trusted circle” can contact a GrandPad user)
  • Secure internet browsing
  • Video and voice calling
  • Multi-party Zoom calling (currently being rolled out on a limited basis)
  • Texting and emailing
  • Family photo and video sharing
  • Curated entertainment content, music, and brain games
  • Streaming radio stations
  • Ergonomic design and enhanced speakers and camera
  • Transportation by Lyft app