What Makes the Perfect Gift?

You feel like you have scoured every store aisle, journeyed to the end of the Internet, and attempted every ‘DIY’ project on the quest for the perfect gift. One item seems too impersonal, another requires too much assembly, and you cannot seem to find that present that will be the ideal asset for a certain individual on your list.

So how can you find the perfect gift? Science and data actually demonstrate that there are key elements that yield the ideal present, which include:

  • Finding a gift that has long-term benefits - while gifts that include fireworks and splash with a dramatic entrance are fun, the gifts that typically resonant with individuals are those that have long-term benefits. Consider a pass to a museum or local zoo where a person can create regular memories, and not just have a material item on the mantel.
  • A unique gift isn’t always needed - it turns out that people are typically touched when they receive a gift as it shows that they have been considered and thought of to receive a present.
  • Consider the love languages with partner gifts - there are “five love languages” that individuals communicate with including: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch like hugs. In order for a gift to be ideal, then the love language must be taken into consideration. For example, if your partner would enjoy spending quality time with you, then a physical material gift would not be on the save wavelength.
  • When in doubt, research - if you still want to find that highly-personalized present, there are countless gift guides that can help inspire you to find the gift that may suit your friend or family member perfectly. These guides might allow for you to think of a memory that might trigger the “Ah-ha” moment, in which you then think of that A+ present.

Remember, when it comes to the holidays and presents, one of the best gifts that you can give is spending time together. Gifts do not need to break the bank to make an impact, and personal touches can go a long way to making another individual feel noticed and appreciated.

Happy holidays from the entire GrandPad team!