Chief Gerentologist for GrandPad, Dr. Kerry Burnight, explains Senior Isolation on The Senior Zone Radio Show

We were honored to share Dr. Kerry Burnight's voice and GrandPad's mission LIVE on radio this past Monday, October 10th 2017 (Dr. Kerry's Birthday!) to an audience of 40,000+ in the Washington, DC metro area.

Dr. Kerry joined host Shawn Perry on The Senior Zone - Caring with Attitude.

The senior zone broadcasts live at 10:00am on WYCB, 1340AM every Monday and worldwide via Founded in 2011 with a hope of restoring reverence, care and concern for the elderly, frail, disabled and vulnerable, The Senior Zone unites seniors age 50+ with tools, resources, programs and services. The show is devoted to senior citizens, their caregivers and the families who support them.

Says Host Shawn Perry "The Senior Zone is my passion and purpose! There may be better broadcasters but none outcares me."

Joining with care and dedication, Dr. Kerry enjoyed an enlightening and inspiring half-hour conversation with Shawn. Dr. Kerry shared her background in the study of aging and how she founded and became the director of the nation's first Elder Abuse Forensic Center and the national non-profit, Ageless Alliance: United Against Elder Abuse. She emphasized that her purpose is to use technology to connect humans - relaying the sad statistic that 43% of seniors identify as lonely.

The stories that Dr. Kerry shared were heartwarming and emotional. She spoke about Harry - a brilliant man who graduated from Stanford and was a green beret. At the age of 83, Harry began suffering from isolation when his family moved across the country. He unfortunately lost a lot of money to phone and computer scams that target many senior citizens. Technology actually hurt Harry and it was not until the emergence of GrandPad, that Dr. Kerry found a viable solution for Harry's care. GrandPad, through its own private family network, safely and securely connected Harry to his family. Harry will never again be at risk for scams.

Dr. Kerry also spoke about her friend Gay who is 88 and widowed twice. Every day, Gay's daughter sends her photos via GrandPad and recently, Gay's 3 year-old grand-daughter shared a video of herself singing. In turn, Gay replied with a voice email of her singing to share in the fun. "Gay is back in the game of connection!” said Dr. Kerry.

Host Shawn Perry told his listeners that when he held GrandPad in his hands for the first time, he instantly saw how our technology could truly benefit the senior population. Shawn talked about his mother who lives in Pennsylvania and is intimidated, therefore terrified, of the computer. He likes how GrandPad has almost no learning curve and how it offers security for our seniors, alongside an exceptional customer support team that is available to help seniors at anytime, and passionate about helping them feel more connected and happier.

We thank Shawn for helping us share the GrandPad mission and story.

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